Small Homes on Small Blocks – Does it Work?

There is a trend that is growing out of land shortages -- small houses are being built on small blocks of land. While this is undesirable to some, it is a far more preferable option to building large homes on small pieces of land.

The reality is that not all home owners need or desire sprawling, multi-bedroomed homes. Many first home buyers (who are already struggling to meet their home loans obligations) are completely satisfied with smaller homes with less bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas and smaller garden spaces. This is also true for other homeowners who would certainly prefer a smaller home in their own suburb than to live in an apartment or complex.
However, high density housing requires careful planning as narrow streets, lack of adequate infrastructure and severely limited parking are quite commonly raised as issues of concern. Similarly, the comfort, security and privacy of current and future residents must be prioritised, together with the aesthetics and desirability of the area.

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