States Advised to Suspend Self-Driving Cars

The arrival of self-driving cars may bring in a host of new laws and legal implications. According to Forbes, there are already concerns from America's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which is conducting a study of what is known as autonomous driving technology.
Whilst the NHTSA has defined five levels of self-driving technology, many drivers will already be familiar with some aspects of autonomous driving technology. Many modern cars now offer cruise control, and anti-crash technology enables cars to apply brakes automatically to avoid a predicted collision.
Automatic parallel parking systems are becoming more common, and some manufacturers are preparing to launch automatic steering control this year.
But these new abilities bring into question the level of blame that can be directed at a driver whose autonomous driving technology fails. The NHTSA want to see safety come first, according to the report, and suggested limiting the use of such vehicles to testing and research.

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