Stop your Car from Costing a Bomb to Run

There are several ways to reduce the cost of your weekly petrol bill, both with the price of fuel itself and the amount needed.
My Daily News suggested keeping fuel costs down with these handy hints from NRMA spokesman Peter Khoury.
There are price comparison websites which can show the cheapest fuel in your area, while a well-maintained car uses less petrol.
Under-inflated tyres can affect fuel economy, and carrying stuff you don't need weighs a vehicle down, using more fuel.
Driving habits can also affect fuel consumption. Khoury recommended going easy on the accelerator and avoiding excessive use of air-conditioning systems, both of which cause the car to use extra fuel.
Queensland resident Neil Morris offered his own money-saving tip: pick a more frugal car. Out of his two vehicles, Morris says his muscle car - a 1923 Ford T-Bucket - rarely sees the light of day, while his Ford Focus saves money and is his preferred daily drive.

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