A Strategic Approach to Protect Your Property Investment

Property investment does pose some risks but the good news is that most of these risks can be mitigated through prevention, insurance or relevant tenancy laws.
Many property investors take out a home loan to fund the purchase of their investment and so the disappointment can be immense if stereotypical hazards arise, such as terrible tenants, squatters, theft, property damage and pest infestations.

All landlords and tenants should not just rely on regulations, but should be prepared for various worst-case scenarios. Risks are easy to avoid but difficult to predict.
Planning is important and can assist buyers to avoid property pitfalls that are all too often experienced. These include: purchasing a property in a poor location for renters, paying more than the property is worth and selling at the wrong time. 
In order to maximise the gains that can be made and protect your investments, it is always wise to seek the advice of an experienced, skilled and knowledgeable professional.
Source:  http://www.heraldsun.com.au/realestate/investing/prevent-property-pitfalls/story-fndcursx-1226552035434

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