Talking Cars on Trial in US

Car-to-car communication may improve safety on the roads - and it is being trialled right now.
Ann Arbor is the setting for the ‘talking cars’, according to
Almost 3,000 vehicles in the town are able to communicate with both roadside devices and each other to determine if conditions are safe, and change traffic lights to green.
The cars also know when drivers turn or brake, and can measure traffic levels. Accidents are reduced as cars talk to each other using dedicated short range communication, which works in a similar way to wifi.
Australian technology is being used in this year-long trial and in others worldwide. Although drivers don't notice a difference, or hear anything, information is constantly communicated and logged by the vehicles.
Car-to-car communication may help to avoid or lessen the severity of 80% of crashes that occur when a driver is not impaired, according to US Department of Transport estimates.

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