Time is Ripe for Property Investment

The time may again be upon us when property is an investment worth considering.
Property prices fell when the Global Financial Crisis hit, with investment property falling particularly hard. Many investment apartments were liquidated, often at a loss, as confidence evaporated and households switched their outlook from debt to savings.

But now mortgage interest rates are near 50-year lows and we are in a low cash-rate cycle that is likely to last as long as global economic volatility. This factor, combined with rental vacancies in capital cities at very low rates (meaning there is strong demand for rental properties) and rising house prices in some cities, leads to the conclusion that there is value for smart buyers.
In addition, employment is still strong in Australia, meaning lenders see complying home borrowers as low risk. If you have a job and 20 percent equity, you can find a lender for an investment property.
Source: http://www.smh.com.au/money/after-the-downturn-an-upside-to-property-20121103-28qye.html

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