Tips for Buying an Energy-Efficient Home

There is a lot to consider before buying a home: home loan interest rates, number of bedrooms, location, cost, and so forth. But more and more people are starting to think about energy efficiency.
The following are important things to consider while searching for an energy-efficient home.

1. The EnerGuide rating is the energy performance value of a house, and ranges from 0-100. A house with a rating of no less than 80 is considered energy-efficient.
2. The chances of buying an old energy-efficient house are slim, and improvements can only make a house about 30 % more energy-efficient. Buying a new home that was built for energy efficiency is the best option.
3. Solar panels can drastically reduce electricity bills, and make for a very wise investment in times when electricity costs are consistently increasing.
4. A lot of energy is required for heating and cooling a home, but using effective insulation can help reduce this consumption. Look for a home with a high insulation R-value.
5. Window tinting is another great way to conserve energy and save a lot of money as well.

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