Tips for Savvy Home Buyers

Buying a new home is a big decision and can be quite stressful. A deposit for a house is quite a hefty sum, and then there are the home loan repayments that must be made for years to come.
The following are some tips to help savvy buyers avoid a real estate lemon:

1. Find a builder or other professional to check the house over for structural faults or other issues.
2. Discover the complete history of the house from past sales and owners, to development applications and rates. More information will mean a more informed buying decision.
3. Be wary of what you say around the selling real estate agent. Many agents will try to maximise the selling price so that they can get a better commission.
4. Talk to the neighbours to find out about the neighbourhood, and spend time there during the week and on weekends to get a better appreciation for the area.
5. Do research to get a better understanding for home values in the area. Knowing what the property is worth will give you more power for negotiating.
6. If attending an auction, set a limit to avoid overspending.

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