Treating Cars like a Living Room has led to Distracted Driving

Drivers are becoming ever more distracted at the wheel, according to a new study.
16% of crashes studied by the Monash Injury Research Institute involved driver distraction. One of the author’s of the study, Michael Fitzharris ,said that drivers may take their vehicles for granted, using them as an extension of the living room. This leads to a lack of appreciation of the care required when driving, and its related risks.
Other people in the car were found to be the main distraction for drivers, but the study also noted the role of technology-based distractions.
Fitzharris warned that distractions from devices such as mobile phones and navigation systems could eventually cause as many crashes as drunk driving.
Apart from passengers and technology-based distractions, other distractions include feeling tired, using car stereo controls and consuming food at the wheel.
According to the WA Road Safety Council, around three in ten serious or fatal WA accidents are thought to be attributable to distraction in some way.

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