Women increasing anxious about retirement

Women are becoming increasingly anxious about having enough money for their retirement according to a survey of 2000 Australians.
The MLC Australian Wealth Sentiment Survey found that woman rated 7.2/10 about their levels of concern on risks in superannuation and investment. Men rated 6.74. However women aged over 50 were more concerned (7.21) compared to men aged over 50 who rated 6.22.
It appeared that the older people got, the more women became concerned about retirement and the more relaxed men became about retirement.
One of the reasons suggested was that women retired with less than half of the income and assets of men because they were more involved in family, and less likely to work full time.
It was claimed that gender inequity in superannuation was a failing of the Australian superannuation system, which favoured people who were consistently in paid employment.
Source: http://www.financialstandard.com.au/news/view/35385973

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