Renovation Projects to Work on During the Holidays

Renovation Projects to Work on During the Holidays

Spending holidays at home can either be a time for relaxation or a time to be productive. We’ve come up with some D.I.Y renovation projects you can do in your free time to be more productive and creative. These D.I.Y projects can also add values to your home.

Paint your wall

With just a few tools and materials needed, painting your house is the easiest and cheapest way for a renovation idea. Just pick the right colour scheme that will fit the aesthetics of your home. Be sure to open your windows for ventilation, and cover furniture or some parts of the house where you don’t want to get paint on.  

Update your front door area

Don’t just renovate the interior of your home. The exterior plays a big part in the overall charm of your property. Upgrade the exterior entry by painting a contrasting colour of your front door, replace your front porch with some light fixtures, tidy up your lawn, or add a welcome mat.

Add a corkboard wall to your room

Install a huge corkboard wall to stay organised and manage your day-to-day activities with this witty renovation idea. This can be added into your home office or your bedroom where you can post daily reminders, photos, bills, and other things that can help you stay organised. Plus, this can add a fun and relaxing vibe in your space.

Make toy bins for your kids

It can get time-consuming to organise your kids’ room especially if your kids have more toys than storage space. You can make a simple swing for stuffed animals from wood, clothesline and some hooks, or create a crate on wheels so your kids can move around their toys, or turn your pails into a storage for their outside toys.

Frame your mirrors

Another easy renovation tip is to add fabric or wood frames to your plain mirror. This D.I.Y project can add a bit of an accent or personality to your space. You can buy wood or fabric for the frame from your local hardware store. This small budget renovation can make a big difference.

Paint your linoleum floor

This is a quick facelift you can do on your holiday. Sand the floor first to clean them and to get rid the gloss from the linoleum, apply the primer before waiting for it to dry then paint your linoleum floor! You can get creative by making patterns, designs or just paint the entire linoleum floor.

Renovating your home on a holiday seems like a really good idea to use your free time to be productive. Plus, home renovations can add great values to your real estate! 

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