Top 10 Furniture Trends That You Will Love

Top 10 Furniture Trends That You Will Love

Those Instagram photos of beautiful home furniture are irresistible to look at, and we certainly want to integrate those in our own home to make it look more trendy. 

Trends may come and go, but if you want to freshen up and upgrade your home, you can check out these top 10 furniture trends that will surely make you love your home even more!

1. Rugs as a form of art

Rugs are the simplest thing in your property that can complement your home. We see many ‘artsy’ carpets that can make a rapid impact on a home nowadays. With a mix of colour, style, sizes, and texture, rugs can transform any room to a more stylish space.

2. Modern with vintage inspiration

The vintage approach is still trendy this year. Vintage pieces can be an unexpected mix in your modern home. Adding furniture like industrial bistro chairs, a colourful kitchen appliance, or a country style vintage drawer is a great home décor idea that can perfectly blend in your modern home.

3. High-tech furniture

A smart refrigerator that can act as an android device, a Bluetooth light bulb that can play your music, a touchscreen coffee table are some of the high-tech furniture we see today. These trendy furniture items can get very pricey, but they can make lives easier and more convenient.

4. Indoor garden

From terrariums to aloe vera and to different kinds of succulents, these beautiful indoor plants can be essential elements of a beautiful home décor. Plants that are low maintenance are the best ones to put indoors! You can hang a few pots, place some on your coffee table, or even grow your own herbs in your kitchen.

5. Bar trolleys

They are making a comeback this year. Serving with many different functions, these bar trolleys can be used as it is, or it can be turned into a side table or even a snack tray. Bar trolleys is a good home décor idea that can fit into any corner of your space, plus you can move it from room to room.

6. Upholstered headboards

Often found in luxury hotels, this trend will continue to be a popular this year. This can give any bedroom a sophisticated, soft, luxurious feel. Consider muted tones like pearl, lilac grey or beige, and coordinate it with buttons or metallic nailheads.

7. Colour green

Green is the colour of the year. Adding touches of green in accessories and furniture in your home décor can make a space feel calm and peaceful. The colour green also goes well with dark timbers and the metallic trend.

8. Raw Wood

We see a lot of trends with this texture this year. Wood that has a raw texture and size in furniture that gives you the rustic vibe in your home are ‘in’ this year, and gone are the super shiny-finished wood.

9. Velvets

Velvet is a luxurious trend material this 2017. This is an easy home décor idea where you can just add velvet pieces to make your home look classy.

10. Clean White

The clean white trend isn’t running out of steam. The modern minimalism aesthetic is easy to design with your all-white décor. You can add vintage pieces, wood, or any texture since the colour white is easy to mix with different kinds of style.

What do you think of these furniture trends this year? Would you give it a try to redecorate your home? 

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