12 Ideas to Upcycle Your Furniture

12 Ideas to Upcycle Your Furniture

Do you have old furniture lying around your house or have you bought a piece at a thrift shop or online? Wherever you got it, a furniture makeover is the way to go to make it beautiful and functional again. So here are 12 ideas for upcycling your furniture:

1.Mix and match dining chairs

If you have different styles of dining chairs, you can repurpose them by painting them the same colour and upholstering them with the same fabric. This creates a mixed look, but the overall appearance matches because of the colour.

2. Antique sewing machine table

These tables are very versatile. You can use one as your bedside table, your work desk or as a small kitchen table. You can simply paint the leg irons or change the table top to match your home's style.

3. Paint your coffee table a bright colour  

Some pieces of furniture just need a new coat of paint to give them a fresh look. Painting is one of the simplest furniture makeovers you can do, so why not paint your current coffee table a bright, bold colour to create an interesting focal point in the living room.

4. Turn an old dresser into a TV stand

Using you old dresser as a TV stand will not just add spark to your living room but will also give you more storage for your things!

5. Upholster cane chairs

Upholstering is a fun way to add personality and style to your chairs. You can transform your vintage cane chair by upholstering it, turning it into an interesting statement piece.

6. Tire ottoman

Do you have old tires in your house? You can turn them into an ottoman with extra storage. Just add rope coils around the tires, a round panel and a cushion for the seat. Viola! You have repurposed your old tires into an ottoman.

7. Skateboard tree swing

A quirky furniture hack you can do outside. This DIY project is pretty self-explanatory but make sure the rope you use is strong enough to hold a person.

8. Wine bottle wall divider

Wine bottles certainly have may uses. For an upcycled furniture idea, you can collect all your used wine bottles and create a colourful wall divider than can be used either in your living room or your garden where it can double as wind chimes.

9. Wall divider headboard

Repurpose your old wall divider by turning it into a headboard. You can paint it to match the style of your linen, or colour each column alternately for a bold look that can be the focal point in your bedroom.

10. Turn a media cart into a bedside table

Your old media cart may look very outdated, but you can make it beautiful again by replacing the casters with wood. Paint the whole cart, and replace the door handles for a more updated look.

11. Transform an old vanity into a work desk

Remove the mirror, prime and paint, fill with wood putty the scratches or holes left from removing the mirror, then replace the door knobs with an updated style. Your old vanity can be used as a work desk perfect for any small room.

12. Add mirrors to cabinets

Redesign your hutch cabinets by replacing the glass panels with mirrors. Don’t forget to prime and paint to give it a refreshed look.

Upcycling your old furniture not only saves you money but this is also a great way to add your own personality and style to your furniture.


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