Benefits of Having a Financial Adviser

Benefits of Having a Financial Adviser

A financial adviser can provide expert advice on your investments, savings, retirement plan, real estate, income tax and other financial products.

Hiring a financial adviser is a personal decision. But if you want to improve your personal finances and reach your overall financial goals, getting one is a good idea. Here’s why:

Benefits of having a financial adviser

  • A good financial adviser will be able to provide you with knowledge you don't have. Not a lot of people know as much about financial markets, funds, and investment laws as a financial adviser.
  • When it comes to complicated money matters, a financial adviser will help you make sound decisions. They will help you create strategies to achieve your goals.  
  • A financial adviser will help you plan for your retirement. They will advise you on how much you need to save to enjoy financial security in retirement.
  • An adviser can help you protect yourself from financial setbacks and clear your debts.
  • They will give you realistic advice about investments.

A good financial adviser should be able to help you organise your personal finances to suit your situation. However, it is important to find an adviser with the right skills and expertise.

How to find a financial adviser

A good place to start when looking for a financial adviser is to seek referrals from family and friends. They can tell you if they have recieved good service from a financial adviser. You can also look online at websites such as LinkedIn, Adviser Ratings, and the Australian Securities & Investments Commission or ASIC.  

Hiring a financial adviser should be an investment not an expense, so make sure you check their qualifications and track record. 

Financial advice is a very broad profession, so it’s important to ask a potential adviser what they specialise in. Make sure that you don't rush the decision and assess the candidates thoroughly so you get the right adviser for the job.  

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