Creative Ways to Liven Up Your Space with Cushion

Creative Ways to Liven Up Your Space with Cushion

Cushions are great decorative pieces that can add a spark of interest to a boring space. Cushions can also provide a cosy and homely feel to your house that makes you just want to snuggle in your sofa or bed.

If you’re unsure of how to liven up your space with cushions, here are some ideas:

Colours and Patterns

Each room is filled with different colours on the walls, curtains, carpet, tables, and more. This can make selecting the perfect colour for your cushions quite difficult. To make it easier, start by considering the existing colours, then use a colour palette to make sure all the elements work together.

Your sofa is a blank canvas, so it’s highly recommended that you select a different colour from your sofa. Don’t use the cushions that come with the sofa, you should be able to experiment with different patterns and colours to create an interesting look.


How many cushions you need will depend on the size of your sofa. Generally, you can put five cushions on a three-seater, four cushions to a two-seater, and for a one- seater, one cushion is good. If you want a traditional look, you can opt for an even number of cushions. But if you want a more modern look, an odd number of cushions is the way to go.

Size and Arrangement

When it comes to arranging your cushions, size matters. If all cushions are the same size, you can tilt your cushions to 90 degrees to create an interesting visual effect. Then place other cushions behind them. 

If you’re willing to experiment with sizes, you can put two large cushions with the same colour or design on the outer edges of the sofa near the arms. Then add medium-size cushions overlapping them. Then add your small cushion in the middle that will be the accent of your couch.

Other types of cushions

Cushions are not just for your sofa or bed. You can also have floor cushions which are also known as floor pillows. These floor pillows are big and very comfortable to sit on. They give you additional seating in your living room.

Floor pillows are great to use for reading, as a cosy home cinema, a meditation corner, or as cushions for outdoor furniture. They are versatile pieces that can be moved wherever in your house you want to create a cosy and relaxed atmosphere.

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