Indoor Home Projects You Can Do In a Weekend

Indoor Home Projects You Can Do In a Weekend

Dreaming of updating your home style but think you don’t have enough time to do it? Here are 5 DIY projects you can accomplish in a weekend that’ll spice up your home decoration.

1. Wallpaper your stairs

Aside from decorating the usual areas of your home like the walls, kitchen and the living room, why not consider updating the look of your stairs? You can put wallpaper on the front face of steps as a simple DIY project this weekend. If you don’t like the look of printed patterns, you can opt for painting them instead. Adding a bit of pop to your stairs is an easy way to update them.

2. Clean your carpets

A simple carpet clean can make a huge difference in your house. It should be done at least once a week especially in high traffic areas such as the hallways and the living room. Cleaning your carpets on a regular basis can make them look livelier, bring back their old colour and prolong their life. Keep in mind that if you have pets you will need to clean them more frequently.

3. Update your headboard

Buying a new bed can be expensive. A cost-effective alternative to update your bed is to change the headboard. You can paint it a different colour to add a focal point in your home, switch to a wood divider for a coastal look, or DIY a palate headboard.

4. Photo frame jewellery hanger

Your pieces of jewellery are not just accessories, they are also a form of art. You can display your jewellery by making a photo frame where you can easily hang your earrings and necklaces. Spray paint the frame to add a spark of colour, remove the glass and add a corkboard. Then add hook to the sides for your necklaces.

5. Spray paint flea market finds

Some decorative pieces from the flea market can look a little bit drab. You can give them a refreshed look by spray painting them. Choose a fun colour, preferably a single colour like white, green, or pastel blue. This will give the decor pieces a more updated and chic look. You can display them in bookshelves, or any special place in your home.

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