Top 10 Tips for Better Apartment Living

Top 10 Tips for Better Apartment Living

Apartment living can be tough. Dealing with your lease, communicating with your landlord, noisy neighbours and dealing with the small amount of space can get exhausting. So if you’re in a situation where apartment living is starting to become a hassle, here are ten tips that can make your apartment dwelling life easier.

Tip #1 De-clutter and organise regularly

It is common sense that your apartment will accumulate clutter over time. This means you must de-clutter and organise your things on a regular basis, especially when you live in a small apartment because clutter is much more visible when you have less space to hide it.

Tip #2 Add your personal touch

If you are renting, there will be limitations in terms of apartment decorating. You won't be allowed to change the colour of the walls, install carpet, or make any other permanent changes. However, this shouldn’t hinder you from decorating your apartment. Be creative with your apartments interior design. You can hang artwork and photos, add a large rug, an indoor plant, or anything that announces your personal style.

Tip #3 Understand your lease

This is very important for all apartment dwellers. If you’re in a situation where you need to get out of your lease for reasons such as a job relocation, marriage or divorce, understanding your lease could help you avoid penalties from your landlord.

Tip #4 Build a good relationship with your landlord

Build a good relationship with you landlord so when problems arise like a dispute with neighbours, a broken appliance, or a pest problem you can get your landlord’s prompt attention. Don’t forget to put any problems in writing, so you have proper documentation when something goes wrong.   

Tip #5 Negotiate any rent increases

Your rental rate will not remain the same. Many landlords increase their rent frequently. If you’re not ready for a rent increase you may want to negotiate your rent instead of just accepting it.

Tip #6 Save on your utility bills

Rent and utility bills are your major monthly obligations. While you can’t cut your rent, you can trim down your utility bills. Switch to energy efficient lightbulbs, install window shades, cancel your pay TV, air dry your clothes instead of using the dryer.

Tips #7 Consider dual purpose furniture    

Storage space is a common problem for many apartment dwellers with limited space. If you’re in this situation, decorating your apartment with dual-purpose furniture is a good solution. You can invest in ottomans, a sofa bed, or a bed with storage inside.

Tip #8 Train your pets

Living in an apartment with your pets can be a bit challenging. Especially when you have puppies, because they need to pee very frequently. House training them can help avoid messes in your apartment.

Tip #9 Be nice to your neighbours

Living harmoniously with your neighbours is one of the keys to better apartment living. You want to make sure you’re on your neighbour’s good side. When you get along with them, it’s easier to approach them when you need something.

Tip #10 Make sure your apartment is safe 

Security is important. You can make sure of this by investing in a security system. Even simple measures like keeping the lights on when you’re away can give an impression someone is home to avoid break-ins. 

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