Ways to Bring More Light into Your Home

Ways to Bring More Light into Your Home

When people design the interior of their home, they sometimes forget about the importance of good lighting. So once night falls, their rooms become dark and dreary.

Here are some ways you can bring more light into your home:

Lighter coloured-walls

Light-coloured walls can make rooms feel larger, airier, and brighter. Choose a colour scheme that is neutral such as white, ivory, beige, or sand coloured. Light walls don’t just brighten a room but are also versatile colours that can be easily matched with any home decor. Don’t forget to paint your ceiling a light colour too so it also reflects the light instead of absorbing it.

Hang lights wisely

Hanging lights and lamps are a solution to add light to a room without using ceiling lights. Swing arm lamps can also be used and have the advantage of allowing you to control where you want your lights to be at any given time. 

Use mirrors to increase light

Reflect sunlight into your house by using mirrors. The more shiny surfaces you have in your room, the lighter it will appear. You can add a large mirror opposite a window to maximise the light coming into your room. Shiny white floors like tiles in the kitchen and bathroom can also help bounce the natural light around.

Light fabric curtains

Don’t block the sun with dark and heavy curtains. Replace them with lighter colours and lighter fabric so that natural light can easily enter your dark rooms. If you want more privacy in your house, shutters are a good idea.

Glass panels, stairways and furniture

To let more natural light into a room, replace your ordinary doors with glass. If privacy is an issue you can use frosted or tinted glass. Stairways that are glass can also help to keep light in the house. Glass furniture like coffee tables, dining tables, or even simple decorative pieces can help reflect light into the house.

Consider open plan

To get the most out of the natural light coming from your windows, knocking down a wall can be a good idea. This will help get more sunlight into the space and also open up your house.

A home that is well-lit can really affect your mood positively and make any room seem larger. 

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