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4 DIY Projects to Do Before Christmas

4 DIY Projects to Do Before Christmas

Christmas is just a few weeks away. It’s one of the busiest times of the year as we buy gifts for our loved ones, create our Christmas lunch menu and plan our Christmas parties.

With all of these things to do during the holiday season, we also want to make our home look special for when family and friends come over for a visit. To make your home ready and to liven up the Christmas spirit, we have four DIY Christmas craft ideas you can do before the festive season.

Put garlands around the windows and doors

Draping garlands around the windows and doors can help build some Christmas spirit at home. You can design the garlands with Christmas lights, ribbons, and all sorts of ornaments you fancy. To secure the garlands, use removable self-adhesive hooks and transparent fishing line.

Christmas twig decorations

Bunches of twigs are fun to play around with as decorations. They have a rustic vibe that fits well as a Christmas decoration. They’re very versatile and you can turn them into coasters, stick stars, or a Starburst wreath. But our favourite twig decoration idea is turning them into a small Christmas "stick tree". You can put them into a small vase and decorate the twigs with lights and ornaments. You can also spray paint the twigs if you want to match the Christmas theme colours you have in your house.

Wall Christmas tree

If you have a blank wall or you don’t have enough space for a traditional Christmas tree, then you can instead put up a Christmas tree on your wall. This can be made using garlands, Christmas lights, yarn, ornaments, Polaroids, or even simple tape. You can hang these materials in the shape of a tree, or let the strings of material fall to shape them like a tree.

Decorate with Christmas gifts

Instead of decorating your house with garlands, ornaments, and Christmas lights, why not use gifts as a quirky decor? You can place little model gifts around the window, down the stairs, as ornaments on your Christmas tree or wreath, or as a centrepiece. You can design the gifts with uniform wraps and ribbons, or if you want them to have their own personality you can use different designs for each.

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