How to Turn Your Spare Room Into a Useful Space

How to Turn Your Spare Room Into a Useful Space

Having a spare room in the house is a great problem to have. There are endless possibilities for what you can do with it. Rather than leaving the space empty, why not take advantage of the extra room and turn it into something wonderful?

To help you convert your empty room into a useful space, here are some great living space ideas:

Gym room

If you’re a fitness guy/gal, then having your very own gym in the house is the dream. You have total control over what kind of home gym you want. You can install your favourite exercise equipment, a couple of dumbbells, yoga mats, speakers for music, and a TV to entertain you while you work out.

Recreation room

If you enjoy entertaining guests, then you can turn your spare room into a movie, game or bar room. Just add some chairs, a big TV or a projector, some of your favourite games such as a video game console or maybe a ping pong table, and some board games. You can also add a bar for your mini pub at home.

Hobby room

Hobbies could include planting, collecting art, music, books, and so much more. A spare room can be used as a room for your own personal hobby space. Just install some cabinets, pegboards, and some storage to make your hobby room work.

Home office

Whether you’re a freelancer or you work from home, a separate room to do work will come in handy because it can increase your productivity. Rather than working in your bedroom where you can easily fall sleep or in the living room where you easily lose focus because of the noise.  

Walk-in closet

A walk-in closet is on the wish list of many girls. If you have a spare room, now is the time to fulfil that wish. Styling a walk-in wardrobe is as simple as installing a cabinet, a dresser, a vanity table, and of course a mirror and lights.  

Rental room

If the extra room is used as a guest bedroom but it’s rare that you have guest over, then you can rent it out for some extra cash. However, don’t forget about your landlord responsibilities when you decide to rent it out.

Deciding on what you can do with your extra space is not a hard decision to make as there are so many great ideas!


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