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10 Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Home in 2018

10 Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Home in 2018

One of the common problems when doing a home makeover is the cost of the renovation. This can hinder a lot of homeowners who are seeking to spruce up the design of their home.

The good thing is that there are plenty of ways to freshen up your home that are easy and won’t cost you a lot. If you’re looking to update your home this year, here are ten ways to spruce up your home on a budget:

1.Rearrange the furniture

This is a quick home makeover idea that won’t cost you anything. Rearranging the position of your furniture can instantly change the atmosphere of your home. You can try switching up the chair in the living room with the ones you have in your bedroom or the other way around. You’ll be surprised at how a small change can have a huge effect on the space.

2. Change the throw pillows

Throw pillows are inexpensive. You can either buy new pillow cases for your existing throw pillows or buy new throw pillows. Pick designs that can give your space oomph. Try getting one with a wild design then match it with a neutral colour to tone it down a little.  

3. Raise curtain rods

Give your windows an updated look by raising your curtain rods then add drapes that reach the floor. This simple home makeover idea can easily make a room seem larger than it is. If you have small windows, you can use full-length drapery to create the illusion that you have a larger window.

4. Add a small chair in the bathroom             

Spruce up your bathroom on a budget by bringing in a small chair. This can be used as a comfortable seating when you need it, or just an area to leave your towels, toiletries, and other things.

5. Get a new shower curtain

Another way to spruce up the bathroom on a budget is by getting a new shower curtain. Try picking one that has an interesting design that will fit the aesthetics of the bathroom. Don’t limit yourself to just a single colour.  

6. Paint the front door

Want to add some curb appeal? An easy and affordable way to spruce up the exterior of your home is by giving it a fresh coat of paint. Try picking a colour that is eye-catching like red or yellow then match the colour to your door mat.

7. Add wallpaper

If you’re bored with ordinary paint in your room, why not consider adding wallpaper to spice up the style of your room? Wallpaper can turn a boring spot into the focal point of the room. Choose a design that adds a pattern to the room. Make sure to highlight it with furniture like a sofa or your bed.

8. Display your collection

Take advantage of your collection and turn it into a wonderful display at home. If you collect books, don’t hide them away in a shelf, try putting your favourite ones on display. If you collect vintage maps or movie posters, display them in your room. Any kind of collection can work just as long you know how to display them.

9. Switch out your cabinet handles

A major renovation in the kitchen can cost a lot of money. A more affordable option to spruce up the kitchen is switching out your cabinet handles. There are plenty of designs available, plus changing the cabinet handles is very easy!

10. Update bedding

Do you find that your bed linen is old and boring? Maybe it’s time to update it to refresh the look of your bedroom. Pick something that complements the design of your bedroom and try a variety of pillow designs to add some interest.

Sprucing up your home doesn’t need to break your savings thanks to these home makeover ideas. Hopefully, you can use these ideas to freshen up your space this year.

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