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7 Interior Design Trends That You Will Love in 2018

7 Interior Trends That You Will Love in 2018

Thinking of redecorating this year? We've compiled seven top interior design trends you can integrate into your home. Here they are:

#1 Bold colour accents

Gone are the days where white-on-white was the thing. In 2018, bold colours will dominate interior design trends. Try adding bold colours like the shades of reds, strong blues, bright yellow, or vibrant green. You can go big with these kind of colours or make them your background colours in your rugs, blankets, or pillows.

#2 Vintage-inspired lights

Vintage is the design trend for light fixtures. This includes lampshades, chandeliers, and lanterns. Industrial design or the Thomas Edison-inspired light bulbs are the way to go for the vintage look, or you can DIY your own retro lights.

#3 Matte black finishes

This interior design trend can easily make your spaces look modern and sophisticated. Matte black finishes are also very easy to clean and to maintain which is a big plus! If you’re looking to add a modern feel into your home, this is the design trend to consider. Try adding it into fixtures like faucets, shower-heads, and lighting.

#4 Statement ceilings

Ceilings are usually overlooked when redecorating. This 2018, it’s the best time to jazz up your ceilings and turn them into statement pieces. You can do this by applying interesting wallpapers, or simply colouring them with eye-catching colours that complement your interior decoration.

#5 Gen Z Yellow

Millennial pink was the trend for interior design last year. Today we see the emergence of Gen Z Yellow that can be integrated into many home decor pieces such as curtains, chairs, throw pillows and more. This colour can make your space feel positive, vibrant, young, and enthusiastic.

#6 Nature elements

2018 is the year for nature to dominate our space. Eco-consciousness is now seen in interior design which is why more and more furniture makers are using sustainable materials. Wooden floors, plants, green colours, and floral patterns are another way to integrate the nature element into your space.

#7 Velvet

Velvet fabric is an interior design trend that goes in and out every once in a while. This year velvet is making a comeback. This type of fabric is usually seen in chairs and couches. It’s a lavish material that can add a bit of luxury into your home design.

Don't forget to add your own personality when redecorating. Let your personal style shine through your home decoration while adding these trendy interior design themes. 

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