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How to Prevent Property Theft During the Holidays

How to Prevent Property Theft During the Holidays

When planning a holiday with your family, you don’t just plan out the itinerary of the trip but you also need to plan out how you will protect your home while you’re away. Property theft is prevalent during the holidays because thieves know that many people are out travelling and in most cases they leave their homes unattended.

With preparation, you can prevent any break-ins or property theft. Here are eight tips you can use to protect your home.

1. Keep the lights on

This is probably the most common strategy when protecting your home from thieves. Houses that look vacant can easily be a victim of burglaries. Make sure to leave the lights on to make the house appear like someone is at home. You can install timers on the lights so you won’t leave it on the entire time.

2. Install a home security system

Motion sensors, security cameras, and security alarms are some of the home security systems worth installing to prevent property theft. You will be able to check your home while you're away with security cameras. With motion sensors you will be able to detect movement around a perimeter. These can activate lights or an alarm and will notify you about the movement.  

3. Keep valuables in a safe place

Invest in a good safe to store your valuables in such as money, jewellery and family heirlooms. Hide them in a place burglars won’t see.

4. Hold your mail or deliveries

If you will be away for a long time, consider putting a “stop” order on mail and newspapers. If this is not an option, ask your friend or neighbour if they can pick it up for you. Otherwise, mail, newspapers or any deliveries you receive will pile up and it will be obvious that no one is at home.

5. Unplug electronics

You don’t only want to protect your home from thieves, but you will also want to protect your home from fire. Before you leave the house, check if you’ve unplugged all electronics besides your home security system. This can prevent possible electrical fires.

6. Use social media responsibly

Many thieves are now tech-savvy. They may be stalking you on your social media accounts without your knowledge. So, as much as possible, limit or don’t post any photo or status updates stating that you and your family will be out of the house for holidays. Be wary of what you post online.

7. Ask your neighbours to look out for your house

If you’re good friends with your neighbour, you can ask them if they can keep an eye on your property while you’re away. Leave them your vacation contact information, just in case of an emergency.

8. Hire a house sitter

This is a good option especially if you have pets you can’t bring along to your holiday. A house sitter can be a relative, a friend, or someone you hire online. There are websites that offer house sitting services such and House sitters are usually paid for staying at your house free of rent and taking care of your pets and plants.


Before you leave the house for a holiday, make sure you double check that all the doors and windows are locked and secure. Also, if you have spare keys hidden somewhere like under a mat or attached to a fake rock. It’s time to remove them. Someone might search for a spare key while you and your family are away.

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