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Interior Trends 2018: What's in and What's out

Interior Trends 2018: What's in and What's out

Interior designing is a never-ending process, even if your home was designed by a professional. House design trends come and go all the time. In 2017, rose gold, minimalism, and industrial were the top house design trends.

Now that we’re entering a new year, new trends are emerging - which can make your current design look a bit outdated. If you’re planning on doing a home renovation this year, here are some interior design styles you can get inspiration from that are worth adding to your home:

What’s in: Retro warm colours

What’s out: Millennial pink

Millennial pink defined the millennial generation from 2016 until 2017. It is also known as “Tumblr Pink” or “Scandi Pink”. The colour was dominant on tumblr websites and in the fashion industry.

In 2018, Millennial pink will stay a little bit longer, not as a dominant colour anymore but as an accent colour. The colour trend will shift to retro warm colours like the terra cotta colours, browns, burgundy, teal, warm pinks like peach and salmon, and teal. The accent colour for 2018 will be bright blue, watermelon red, and orange.  

What’s in: Eclectic style

What’s out: All-white minimalism

Minimalism was the trend last year. Minimalism makes a space look neat and clean but it can be underwhelming. It can make your house look more like a showroom than a home. Minimalism is still here to stay but with a touch of eclecticism.

Instead of an all-white minimalist design, the 2018 house design trend will go towards eclectic-minimalism where the space is filled with sentimental treasures from travel and childhood, or home accessories that add character or individuality. Think of a space that has elements of design that mean something to you but are also aesthetically-pleasing.

What’s in: Curved furniture

What’s out: Generic furniture

Gone are the days when furniture needed to look all the same. When the sofa and the chairs needed to have the same design and colour. As eclectic design is the trend, mismatched furniture is welcome this year.

The most popular trend in furniture is curved furniture including couches, chairs, and tables. It looks comfortable, inviting and cosy. It also fits well with the retro warm colour palette. Consider adding pieces like round cushions, circular mirrors, or swivelling chairs.

What’s in: Brass

What’s out: Copper

Metal is still in, but not copper anymore. Copper will reach its peak this year. Brass is the new copper in metal interior design. You can integrate the brass design into many elements such as candlesticks, trays, lamps, or picture frames. Brass is a good accent colour you can use that has texture.

What’s in: Matte black

What’s out: Glossy finishes

Instead of the glossy finish in fixtures in the bathroom and in the kitchen, we see a rising trend in matte black metal finishes. Glossy finishes like marble countertops are being replaced by matte black. If you’re not a huge fan of the black colour all over your kitchen or bathroom, you can opt to integrate this trendy design in minor elements that will serve as an accent colour. Try adding it into you towel rings, showerheads, faucets, or in exposed pipes.

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