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Top 10 Creative Outdoor Privacy Screens Ideas

Top 10 Creative Outdoor Privacy Screens Ideas

Your patio or backyard garden is the place to hang out with family and friends. But no matter how much fun it is to spend time outside, it can get quite uncomfortable when you feel exposed because of the lack of privacy in your outdoor living space.

Good thing there is a solution to this problem. A privacy screen can provide you the privacy you need, plus it can add some personality to your home style. To give you an idea of what kind of privacy screen to add, here are some creative privacy screen ideas worth considering.

1. Frosted glass

This type of privacy screen will go well if you’re going for the modern and elegant look in your home design. Frosted glass is readily available in your local hardware store. It is low maintenance. It can also serve as wind protection so it’ll be easier to serve food in your outdoor living space.

2. Hedges  

Hedges as a privacy screen will work well if they are shaped as boxes. Take note that not all plants respond well to shaping. The recommended plants to use as hedges are Buxus, Lillypilly, or Murraya. If you find that real plants are difficult to maintain, you can opt for faux hedges.

3. Vines

Vines can climb up houses or over fences. Choose vines that can provide the privacy you need such as Morning Glory, Ivy, Wisteria, or Trumpet Vine. However, while they can provide privacy, take note that some vines can become overwhelming as they can be too invasive on your walls.

4. Curtains

Curtains are very easy to install. You can personalise them according to your preferred style and size. They go well on pergolas for the cabana look at home. 

5. Vertical garden

A vertical garden is like a living wall. Not only will it provide you with the privacy you need, but it can also be used as your vertical herb garden if you’re looking for a space for your herbs.

6. Bamboo privacy screen       

Bamboo is a plant that matures very fast. It grows very dense and bushy so it makes a good privacy screen. Choose a bamboo that is a non-invasive clumping type which means it doesn’t spread out and will just grow in the same spot. This makes it easy to maintain.

7. Wooden lattice

Wooden lattice is available in a wide array of designs with different patterns. Patterns can be crisscross, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, grid, and more. You can easily DIY it or buy it at your local hardware store.

8. Bottle wall

If you've got tons of empty glass bottles at home, you can repurpose them and assemble them to create a bottle wall. Just make sure to use coloured ones for better privacy. You can go with multiple colours for an artistic effect, or just use one if you want a simpler look.

9. Metal privacy screen

This kind of privacy screen is inspired by industrial home design. You can install your metal privacy screen and blend it well with the plants.

10. Large pots of plants

You can move your existing plants to large pots and use them as a privacy screen. You can even plant trees to gain more privacy at home.

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