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10 Tips to Declutter Your Home Before a Move

10 Tips to Declutter Your Home Before a Move

We have so many things in the house we have collected over the years. Some of the things we don’t need any more and some we forgot we even have. The longer we have lived in a place, the more stuff we accumulate.

When the time comes that you need to move houses, all of a sudden decluttering becomes an overwhelming and arduous task. Packing and unpacking takes a lot of our time, energy, and even money. To help you organise your things when relocating to a new house, here are 10 moving tips you can use:

#1 Know your moving date

Knowing your moving date can give you an idea on when is the right time to start decluttering your home. This will lessen the stress and the pressure when moving to a new house since you can declutter at an earlier time.

#2 Create a checklist

Check lists are very handy when moving. Include in your checklist the things you need to do and the stuff you need to bring.

#3 Get your packing materials ready

Packing materials such as boxes, packing tape, markers, and bubble wrap are essential when moving. This will get you more organised when packing, and it will make moving more hassle-free.

#4 Sort out your possessions

Each of your things should have its own designated box. It will be helpful to sort possessions out either by size or by category (i.e kitchen, living room, and bedroom). Do this in advance, so you don’t feel pressured to pack all your things in one day.

#5 Sell, donate, or discard things you don’t need

This is recommended to do months before moving. You don’t want to bring useless things to your new house, so it’s best that you either sell, donate or discard things. This will save you space and money when moving.

#6 Get help

Let your entire family get involved in the decluttering and packing process. This can be a fun bonding time with them while rummaging through old things that can bring nostalgic memories.

#7 Label the boxes

Get more organised when decluttering by labelling all of your boxes. You can write down the category of the box and include a description of what’s inside. For example, the kitchen box includes your blender, coffeemaker, utensils, and so forth.

#8 Check out the expiry dates

When decluttering the kitchen and the pantry, check out the expiry dates of your foods and see if they are still edible. It’s pointless to pack food that’s about to expire because you’re going to discard it anyway.

#9 Declutter one room at a time

Doing everything at once can get overwhelming. To avoid this, simply start with one room or in one closet then systematically go through your things one at a time.

#10 Update your details

Moving houses doesn't just involve decluttering your things. You should also update your address details. This will include your driver’s license, mailing address, bank, superannuation, information on your utility bills and health insurance provider to name a few.

These ten moving tips can guarantee you that you have a stress-free decluttering experience when relocating to a new house.

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