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Less is More: How to Lead a Minimalist Lifestyle

Less is More: How to Lead a Minimalist Lifestyle

Becoming a minimalist doesn't just mean owning very few things. It’s a lifestyle choice where you choose to live a simpler life so you can achieve the freedom you want. The definition of freedom is relative as you may want to gain financial freedom, freedom from consumerism, freedom from worry, or freedom from depression.

Whatever it may be, minimalism can have a positive effect in our lives. It changes how we spend our time, save our money, how we find happiness, and our perspective in life.

If you want to be a minimalist, here are a few steps you should take to jumpstart your minimalistic lifestyle:

Step 1: Declutter your home

Decluttering seems like an easy first step but it can be painful as you go through possessions that you are attached to. To make the process easier, take one step at a time. Minimalism is hard to achieve overnight. Gradually throw out, donate, or sell things you no longer need. Keeping only minimal items that are useful or meaningful to you can free you from distraction, and can help clear your mind.

Step 2: Invest in timeless clothing

Most of the time we only wear 20% of our clothes regularly. Many of them are either out of style, or they no longer fit us. Remove all the clothes that are unused for a long time, and leave out the pieces that are timeless. Some of the timeless clothing pieces are jeans, a white-t-shirt, a little black dress, and a button down shirt to name a few. Fewer pieces in your wardrobe can make your life easier, plus you can save a lot of money when you stop buying trendy clothes that will be out of fashion next season.

Step 3: Buy less, borrow more

Buying will result in your possessions accumulating over time. Develop a habit of borrowing instead of buying. Instead of buying new books, why not borrow from a friend? When you’re renovating your home, why not borrow tools? Or if you’re camping out or you need some sporting gear, consider borrowing it from a friend. This can help you save money and limits the items in your house.

Step 4: Embrace technology and new media

Technology can be a helpful tool in your journey to minimalism. Our smartphones have many uses. We can take photos, take down notes, use a calculator, record, listen to music, read books and more. Gone are the days where you need to own multiple gadgets or purchase traditional media. You can opt to go digital in many aspects to minimise the clutter in your home.

Step 5: Learn how to say ‘no’

We are bombarded by advertisements everywhere and every day. There are many sales and free offers constantly popping up. A minimalist lifestyle will require you to learn how to say ‘no’. This can be tricky, but this will be financially rewarding.

Leading a minimalist lifestyle is a never-ending journey. You may go through obstacles along the way but in the end it can help you attain the freedom you want. As they say, less is more. The less you have, the more you gain in life.

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