5 Essential Gardening Jobs for Winter

5 Essential Gardening Jobs for Winter

Garden jobs during the winter are quite different to the summer as this season can be a hard time for plants. Their growth slows down and problems become more evident when a plant is in a cold-weakened state.

During the cooler months, garden maintenance should focus on these five essential gardening tips:

1. Reduce your watering of potted plants

In the colder weather, potted plants need less water. When you water them excessively, the water runs off and nutrients are leached away from their root systems. It may look like your potted plants are weak and sick because they need water but in fact you should cut back on the watering. To improve the situation further add some fertiliser.

2. Water your lawn once a week at most

Just like potted plants, your lawn requires less water in winter than summer. Mowing your lawn is also not really required as many grasses become dormant in winter. To make your lawn healthier give it some fertiliser. 

3. Do some mulching

Mulching your pots and garden beds can help to moderate the soil temperature so that your plants don’t suffer from harmful fluctuations between hot and cold. Mulch can also protect plants near the soil surface, where most of their roots are concentrated. Mulching will make them more resistant to frost.

4. Take care of your winter flowers

The cold months are the best time in Australia for winter flowers such as spring bulbs, winter-flowering natives and shrubs. Unlike other plants they grow faster in winter so keep them watered as usual to give the roots plenty of moisture. Fertilising them will help them bloom and burst into vibrant colour.

5. Prune carefully

Pruning roses is a must this winter because they can easily be hit hard by frost. Other plants that need pruning during the winter are hydrangeas, wisteria and grapes. Pruning by removing dead and broken branches can also keep trees healthy.

Doing these winter garden jobs will ensure that your plants, trees, and flowers are healthy and strong for new spring growth. 

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