8 Smart Hacks for Small Living Spaces

8 Smart Hacks for Small Living Spaces

Living in a small space doesn’t have to make you feel limited and restricted. You just have to be smart about how you organise and use the space you do have. So here are eight storage solutions for small spaces:

1. Maximise the space under stairs   

More often than not, stairways have a residual space under them. You can use this small space for storage, as a reading nook or even as a study/office area if space permits. Alternatively, you could create a built-in pet house for your dogs or cats.

2. Consider installing a sliding door

Traditional doors use space because they need to swing open. A great solution for this is to replace your old, traditional doors with a sliding door. This can act as a wall and a door, plus it occupies less space.

3. Use your doors for extra storage

If you can’t install a sliding door, you can instead use your doors for extra storage. You can simply install hooks, mount a horizontal towel bar, or DIY a storage solution that can be attached to the back of your door.

4. Use a divider or curtains instead of walls

If you only have one large room, using a divider or curtains is a great way to separate your sleeping area from other areas in your home. It will add privacy and lets you open your area up when you want to by drawing back the curtains.

5. Invest in multi-purpose furniture

Multi-purpose furniture is one of the best storage solutions for small spaces. You should invest pieces of furniture that are dual purpose, like a sofa bed, chairs with storage in them, or a mirror where you can store your jewellery.

6. Make storage vertical

Since you have limited floorspace, you can use your walls to store your things. Why not hang your bikes from the ceiling? Install floating shelves, hooks, or hang a pegboard for your art and craft materials, makeup or utensils.

7. Hang your clothes on shower curtain rings

To save space in your closet, you can use shower curtain rings to hang clothes such as tank tops and scarves. This not only saves you space but it also saves you the hassle of folding them.

8.  Hang a cork wall

Cork walls are not only for schools and offices. You can also use these as a storage solution for your jewellery while also hanging photos and reminders.

Maximise your space by being organised and keeping your home clean. A more organised area will help you to be more efficient with your daily tasks as well as keeping your home aesthetically pleasing. 

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