Choosing the Right Curtain Style for Your Home

Choosing the Right Curtain Style for Your Home

Choosing the right curtains for your living space can get really overwhelming as you have to consider fabrics, colours, patterns, lengths, and width.

To help you out, here are a few tips and tricks:


Curtains are not just aesthetically pleasing, they are also practical. To choose the best type of fabric, you need to know what you want from your window treatment. For example, if your bedroom gets a lot of sunlight, the best choice for bedroom drapes is man-made fibres because they will not fade or deteriorate as quickly as natural fibres like linen or cotton.

If you’re going for luxury, a thicker or heavier fabric like velvet or silk is the best choice for your curtains. Sheer curtains are a great option if you don’t want to compromise your view as this will allow natural light into your room.


The colour of your curtains will depend on whether you want them to blend with your home decor or to pop and add interest to the space. If you want the curtains to blend, pick curtains that are the same tone as your wall but make sure that the curtains are a bit darker.

You can also pick out a dominant colour in your room. If you have a lot of grey furniture in your living room such as chairs, sofas, or rugs, pick curtains that are in the same shade.  


Matching curtain decorations with patterns and prints on furniture or wallpaper can be a bit tricky. Stick with solid-colour curtains if you have elaborate patterns in your furniture. If you have solid-coloured furniture, you can go with curtains that have patterns. Make sure that you have the right amount of colours and patterns so that your room will not look messy.

Length and width

You’ll want your curtains to fall to the floor, not just the bottom of the window. This means they need to reach the floor, not a few centimetres off the floor because too-short curtains look wrong. To make sure you have the right length for your curtains, measure from where you plan to hang the curtain rod (on top of the window) to the floor.

When measuring of the width of your window, add 10-20 centimetres on both sides and double the total number to ensure curtain fullness. You don’t want your curtains to look stretched across the windows when closed. They should still have some folds when you close them.

Where to buy good curtains?

If you’re having a difficult time picking the right curtains for your home you can hire a professional to help you decide on colours, fabrics, length and width. They will also help with the installation of your curtains.

You can also go to a retailer so you can check out curtains and feel the fabrics for yourself. Some retailers will even lend you large fabric samples to take home so you can see for yourself if the curtains will blend well in your home.

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