How Often Should You Paint Your House?

How Often Should You Paint Your House?

There are many different reasons to paint your house. You may just want to update your home by giving it a makeover or you may need to repaint because the walls are peeling and fading.

Whatever the reason, a paint job is not solely for looks but also serves as protective barrier against the sun, rain and pests.    

That’s why repainting your house every few years is a good idea but how often should you paint your house exactly?

Circumstances vary so there is no one-size-fits-all answer. It depends on issues such as:

The previous paint job 

The quality of paint, the number of coats and even the colour that was used will determine how long the paint will last. High-quality paints might have a higher cost but they will last longer. Two or three coats are recommended with lighter shades. One hundred per cent acrylic paint is the most durable and resistant to fading.

The room

Each room in your house has a different amount of traffic which will influence the longevity of the paint. Your child’s room may have plenty of doodles on the wall, while the paint in your own bedroom will last a long time since it is only used for sleeping. By contrast, the hallways, corridors, dining and living rooms are subject to substantial wear and tear. You might want to paint them as frequently as every three to four years.

The wall’s materials

Paint on timber tends not to last as long as paint on cement. It’s important to note the exact material used to construct your house so you know the type of paint needed. Wood needs a different kind of paint than cement-based walls.

Weather conditions

Prolonged exposure to the sun will inevitably cause paint to bubble and fade because of the ultra-violet rays. Harsh winters, frequent storms, extreme humidity and sand storms are also not friendly to paint. If you have wood sidings it’s recommended that you repaint every three to seven years. For aluminium sidings, you can delay about five years. Additionally, newer types of materials need less frequent touch-ups. Cement fibreboard can be repainted as infrequently as every 10-15 years.


How you take care of your walls will effect the longevity of the paint. You should inspect your walls for signs of dampness, rot, chalkiness, termites and other infestations as well as mould. Treat them if you see them by sealing and caulking them.

It is also worth maintaining your walls by cleaning them. A high-gloss finish is easier to clean than a matte/flat finish because you can scrub it.

Each home has to endure different conditions. To figure out how often you need to paint your house, the most effective way is to call a professional to assess the current state of your walls.  

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