How to Create an Affordable Winter Wardrobe

How to Create an Affordable Winter Wardrobe

If you are on a tight budget, finding high-quality winter clothes can be difficult. Despite that, with a bit of skill it is possible to create an affordable winter wardrobe that is stylish.

Here are our tips and tricks to look great this winter on a budget:

Invest in winter wardrobe essentials

Make your dollar go as far as possible by buying core items that you can easily mix and match for any occasion with only minor adjustments. For your winter wardrobe essentials, you should invest in clothes such as:

  • A good pair of jeans. Jeans go with everything and are appropriate almost anywhere and in any season.  
  • Quality winter coats. Even if you’re only wearing a simple sweater underneath, your outer clothing can be a statement this winter. Use coats to add a pop of colour to any neutral or all-black outfit.
  • Boots. Over-the-knee boots, ankle boots, or snow boots. Whatever your fancy, you should be willing to splurge a little since you’re going to be wearing them throughout the winter. Durable, high-quality boots can last years. Don’t forget to hunt for sales though!
  • Sweaters. You cannot live without long-sleeved tops this winter. Cashmere sweaters are your go-to item. You can go for V-necks, turtle necks, and even chunky, oversized sweaters which are very popular right now.
  • Scarves. Traditional scarves will forever stay fashionable. You can invest in long, draping scarves or infinity scarves for easier use.
  • Winter hat. Practical and stylish, winter hats are a must for your winter wardrobe. Whether it’s a beanie, a fedora or a wool floppy hat.

Go thrift shopping

You can build up your wardrobe by going to thrift stores or consignment stores. They have plenty of high quality pieces at discount prices. It may take time to find perfect, lightly-used clothes that are your size. However, the money spent on them will be worth it.

Focus on the classics

When shopping at sales or thrift stores, pick clothes that are classic essentials or timeless pieces. The animal print may be in right now but it will go out of fashion quicker than you might expect. You can pick out black clothing since it goes with pretty much any colour or print. The more basic colours you own, the easier it is to mix and match and layer clothes.

Experiment with your look

Aside from spending on good value clothes, why not have fun and experiment with the winter clothes you already have so you don’t have to shell out any money? You never know, you may actually have an old peacoat or bomber jacket that still fits you. You can add different accessories like a scarf to give a fresh look to your older clothes. 

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