How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Having a small bathroom can make you feel claustrophobic and depressed but there are ways you can make your small bathroom appear larger than it is without spending a lot on a major renovation.

With a change of colour, tiles or lighting you can transform your small bathroom into a more inviting space. Here’s how you can make a small bathroom look bigger:

Choose light colours

Give the illusion that you have more space by choosing colour schemes that are soft, pale, or light. Neutral shades such as off-white and beige will work just as well.  Don’t pick paints or wallpaper that have loud patterns or dark colours. If you want to add a pop of colour you can use it in bathroom accessories and towels.

Plain coloured-tiles

The right tiles for small bathrooms are plain-coloured tiles that help create an illusion of a larger floor space. Don’t pick tiles that are small because this will create a messy effect making thing the room feel smaller. Instead, use larger tiles to help expand the bathroom space visually. If you can’t change the flooring, you can put a large, light-coloured rug over your existing bathroom floor.

Install a large mirror

Install your mirrors strategically to add depth to your bathroom and enhance the lightning. Having a large horizontal mirror will create an illusion that your space is extended sideways, while a vertical mirror will give you a sense of raised ceiling height. To enhance the lightning, you can place the mirror opposite the window so that it will reflect the natural light into the room.

Hang your things

Hooks and rails are a great space-saving idea which only take up a small amount of space on the wall or door. You can hang your towels and clothing and even your bath and shower items by putting a wire basket on a hook.

Organise your things

Any room that is neat, clean, and organised will always look more spacious than it is. Store away the things you don’t frequently use and limit the items on display to those you really need. Don’t display too many accessories and keep your decoration as basic and simple as possible.

Consider portable storage

Portable storage such as woven baskets or storage totes is another great space-saving idea. You can take out the portable storage if you don’t need it and place it anywhere you like. Portable storage can be stylish and affordable.

Sprucing up your small bathroom to make it look bigger is possible even without a major renovation with these tips! 

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