Must-Have Features for Your Kitchen Renovation

Must-Have Features for Your Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation that is properly thought out with functional features can help increase the value of your property. That’s why it’s important that you plan this kind of renovation correctly so you get the most out of your investment.

Here are some must-have kitchen features to guide you on your kitchen renovation:

Two separate sinks

The sink is one of the busiest areas in the kitchen. You might need to rinse your vegetables while your kids also need to wash their hands or clean the dishes. To solve this problem, a great renovation idea is to install two separate sinks. You can place the second sink in the island bench for lighter duties.

Enclosed bins and recycling

Garbage bins can take up floor space and they often smell bad. Integrating them into drawers will help save space in the kitchen. They are also more efficient when you place them closer to prep and cleaning areas since you can open the bins and easily throw away rubbish without needing to move. With the bin and recycling enclosed, your kitchen will look tidier and it will be harder for pests to reach the bins.

Appliance garage

No one likes seeing a cluttered kitchen with too many appliances everywhere. It’s such a hassle to deal with cords sticking out, and it can also take up kitchen countertop space. When you have an appliance garage, you can keep your most used appliances plugged in and ready to go.

Built-in speakers

A part of a good kitchen renovation is to install built-in speakers so you can listen to good music while you’re preparing your meals. You can integrate your speakers into your ceiling and tie it into an existing sound system.

Induction cooktop

This renovation idea is great for households with small children and for houses that are in hotter climates. An induction cooktop heats a cooking vessel by magnetic induction, instead of by conduction from a flame or an electrical plate, plus they are more energy efficient than gas and traditional electric cooktops. They are also easier to clean!

Warming drawer

They are often small in size and are usually situated underneath ovens or above wall ovens. They are appealing to the home chef because they can keep cooked food warm while you are assembling other dishes or waiting for your guests to arrive. Plates can also be warmed up, restaurant-style, helping your meals stay warmer for a longer time at the dinner table.

The features of a perfectly functional kitchen will depend on your personal needs. Work these out before you spend time and money on renovations.   


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