Step-By-Step Guide to Find a Good House Sitter

Step-By-Step Guide to Find a Good House Sitter

When you’re going away for a long time, whether it’s for a holiday or business, you can use house sitter to watch your pets, look after your property and take care of anything around the house that needs constant maintenance. 

House sitting services vary, with some offering an overnight service and some a daily visit to your house. Overnight house sitters can do most of the things that you do typically around the house, while the daily-visit house sitter has certain limitations on what they can do. 

Whichever you pick, it’s important to find a house sitter who is trustworthy and professional. Here’s your step-by-step guide to help you find a good house sitter:

Step 1: Ask for referrals

You can ask your family, friends, and neighbours if they can refer a house sitter to you. There are also websites that offer house sitting in Australia such as and many more. 

Step 2: Interview prospective house sitters

Regardless of where you look for your house sitter, the first step is to contact prospective applicants and ask them basic questions about their availability and location.

Step 3: Do a background check

One of the key reasons for getting a house sitter is to prevent burglaries, so it’s important to do a background check to ensure your house sitter is trustworthy. Ask for character references from each potential candidate to verify their information. This is a job interview where you are the employer.

Step 4: Ask what they charge

Some house sitters don't require any pay and work in exchange for free rent, utilities and sometimes food. Some house sitters will have charges, especially if they will provide housekeeping and pet care services. The overall costs will depend on the length of their stay in your house and the services they will perform.  

Step 5: Conduct a final interview

It’s time to meet your chosen house sitter for a final interview. This is the most important step to find out if you found a good house sitter. Ask questions where you can get a sense of their skills. You can also find out if they get along with your pets instantly. Choose the house sitter you think will suit the job best and with whom you feel comfortable.  

Step 6: Brief them about the house

Before you leave, be sure to brief your house sitter about the house. Give them a guided tour so they know where everything is, give them contact details on where and how to reach you, and if someone is dropping by such as a family member or worker let them know what to expect. You should also be able to give them instructions on your pets and housekeeping if necessary.

Final word

Be sure to do a check up on your house sitter while you’re away. You can text, call, or check your security cameras if you have them. Once you get back home, check that all your valuables are in place and if the house is well-kept and your pets are well-taken care of.  

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