Ways To Make Over Your Home Without Spending Money

Ways To Make Over Your Home Without Spending Money

Planning on giving your home a makeover but got little or nothing to spend? Redecorating your home for free may seem like an impossible task but with creativity and resourcefulness you can achieve a style you like.

Here are some home design ideas you can use:

Change your furniture layout

The interior of your home can be transformed dramatically just by moving your furniture around. Create a new focal point in your home by using a fireplace, a bold-coloured wall with a television, built-in shelves, or a large artwork you already own. Then move your furniture to compliment it. You can also move furniture between rooms. 

Paint a room

One of the most affordable home design tools is paint! Why not change the colour of your room or create an accent wall? Don’t be afraid to go for bold colours that can complement or contrast with your furniture and home accessories.

Don’t forget to add plants

Brighten up your room with indoor plants. Choose varieties that do not require much sunlight such as Song of India dracaena, cactus, fern, and fiddle tree plants. You can even grow your plants from seeds for a cheaper alternative. Alternatively, ask your friends if you can propagate cuttings from their plants so you won’t have to spend any money at all.

Repurpose your existing furniture

Get creative with your interior design by DIY-ing and repurposing your existing furniture. You can paint the legs of an old chair, use an old door as a headboard, or turn your old suitcases into a nightstand. There are endless DIY projects you can find online!

Upcycle jars and bottles

Clean your old jars and bottles and use them as storage. A wine bottle can make an elegant flower vase, candle holder or bookend. Jars like mason jars are popular right now. You can turn them into decorative storage for your dry goods, toiletries, liquid soap, and lots more.  

Re-arrange your open shelving

Take a look at your open shelves and re-arrange your items. You can add and subtract pieces that complement your interior design. Don’t forget to put in your favourite pieces such as a collectibles or accessories to jazz up your home style.

Giving your home a makeover that can show your own personal style is possible without breaking your budget with these helpful tips!   

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