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5 things to consider when furnishing a new home

5 Things to Consider When Furnishing a New Home

After the long wait for the construction of your dream home, decorating and furnishing your new place is the next exciting journey of home ownership.

Decorating your new home is a great opportunity to release your inner creativity and be your own interior designer. It’s a chance to create a customised home that can provide you with the kind of comfort and lifestyle you want, as well as show your preferred aesthetics and personal style.  

So here are five things to consider when furnishing your new home:

1. How much is your budget?

Before buying materials and furniture, the first thing you should do is to identify how much you are willing to spend when furnishing your new home. You can figure out the minimum budget required by familiarising yourself with the price tags of the items you need. 

2. Are you going to hire a designer?

If you don’t have the eye of a designer, hiring a professional can make your life easier. When choosing a professional designer, it’s best to select someone who can achieve your desired style. For instance, if you want the coastal and beachy style, you don’t want to hire someone who is very well-known for their Scandinavian design. 

3. How big is your home?

The size of your home can dictate how much you’re going to spend furnishing it. You should also know the number of rooms you are going to decorate. Do you need a new dining table and how many chairs do you need? How about curtains? How many windows are there in your new home? These are just some of the questions you need to ask in terms of the size of the home you are designing.

4. What are the family's needs?

Do you have young kids? Are you expecting a baby? Do you have a hobby that requires ample storage and space? Assess the needs of your family so you know you are designing a home that will have the features that will be essential.

5. What kind of home style are you going for?

There are plenty of styles and themes you can choose from. Ultimately, you want to choose one that the entire family will love. You could also opt to have different styles in every part of your home. Style inspirations can be found on social media, websites, and magazines. You can collect all of the designs you aspire to imitate so you can easily achieve it.

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