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Stylish Design Tips for a Family-friendly Home

Stylish Design Tips for a Family-friendly Home

Good location, easy access to good schools, and close proximity to useful amenities are some of the features of a family-friendly home. Safety is a top priority for many young families but having safety features at home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice good design.

Here are some design tips you can use for a safe but stylish family-friendly home:

Stylish storage

Instead of putting your kids’ toys in those plastic toy boxes that will make your home look cheap, why not go for storage options that will add style to your home? Some good examples are woven baskets, furniture that can double as storage, or cabinetry that is well-made. This will make your home clutter-free and stylish at the same time.

Round coffee tables

Glass furniture such as in coffee tables can be dangerous especially those that have sharp edges. This can also attract visible fingerprints and food spills by your young children. A safer choice is coffee tables that are round with wood or smooth upholstery finishes. 

Durable upholstery

All-white upholstery on your sofas and chairs may not be a good choice if you have young kids. This can be stressful and require frequent laundering to keep clean. Family-friendly choices for upholstery are leather for durability, synthetic fabric (made in polyester), fabric that has patterns to hide imperfections, or you can just cover your furniture with slipcovers. 

Family-friendly home accessories

Having stylish accessories can lift the appearance of your family-friendly home. You can add a simple throw to the couch. Throw pillows with bold graphic designs add colour, but make sure to choose pillows that are washable, wipeable or removable. Other family-friendly accessories that are worth adding are a serving tray as a catchall for your little things i.e keys, and photo frames of your kids and their artwork.

Washable paint

There’s a possibility that your walls will be drawn or painted on by your young kids. It can get quite frustrating to repaint them often. Painting the walls in a darker colour can be a solution for a child-friendly home but painting your interior walls with washable paint is the best option. Washable paint is durable and you can simply wash off your child’s drawing.

Creating a family-friendly home can be stylish and child-safe with these simple tips that both you and your kids will love.

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