11 Cosy Winter Decorating Ideas Your Home Needs

11 Cosy Winter Decorating Ideas Your Home Needs

During winter it can be a pleasure just to stay indoors and get creative with your home decorating.

Cosy up your home with these 11 winter decorating ideas:

1. Throw blankets

Throw blankets are not just aesthetically pleasing but also very useful. Add throw blankets with cool colours such as blues or greens, or throw blankets with cool patterns to warm you up during the chilly winter nights.

2. Pile up throw pillows

Perfect with your throw blankets, you can pile up your throw pillows on your sofa with different patterns, and textures. Plus, pillows can be your snuggle buddy when you’re just chilling out at home.

3. Sweater vase

This is a witty home decor idea for your vases. You can simply dress up your vases with old sweaters by cutting off the sleeves. This will give a cosy vibe to your space.

4. Fluffy rug

Laying a fluffy rug on your living room floor or in your bedroom can add texture, warmth, and an extra soft cushioning for your feet.

5. Branches in a vase

An easy DIY project you can do in winter is to collect branches and place them in a clear vase. Make sure that there are a few leaves attached to the branches to give it a rawer vibe.

6. Branch lights

Another DIY project you can do with branches is to wrap copper-wire lights around them to create a winter-inspired chandelier.

7. Antlers

Bring the outdoors inside by incorporating antlers. Throw pillows that have antler designs on them can be a good option. Alternatively, add wooden antlers to the wall to give a rustic feel to your winter home.

8. Dress up your table

Don’t leave your dining tables behind when decorating your home. You can dress up your bare tables with table runners or fur blankets to add a warm texture during the winter.

9. Layer bedding or carpets

Winter is the best reason to do some layering. You could layer you bedding by throwing pillows and placing a decorative throw with a cool colour or pattern across the foot of your bed. You can also layer your rugs to add a spark of interest.  

10. Create a reading nook

Since we spend most of our time indoors during winter, why not create a reading nook in your house? Find a well-lit place in the corner of your home, add a comfortable chair, a lamp, and place a table nearby stacked with your favourite books.

11. Candlelight

Simple candle lights or even the battery-operated ones can make the home feel warm and magical this winter. Just spread the candles throughout your home and make sure to light them during the evening.

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