Creative Friday Night Ideas on A Budget

Creative Friday Night Ideas on A Budget

At last, it’s Friday! The last day of the week for work and school! The day where we can stay out late at night since we don’t have to wake up early the next day. But Friday nights can also mean spending money to have a good time.

However, having fun doesn’t need to be expensive. Your Friday nights can be fun even on a budget if you know how think outside the box.

We’ve listed some fun things to do on a Friday night that you can do whether you’re with family, friends or even on a date:

  1. Karaoke: Sing-along with your favourite songs by using the YouTube karaoke channel, or even downloading a karaoke app!
  2. Movie marathon: Don’t just watch a single movie. Why not watch the entire series? You have the entire night to finish the trilogy!
  3. YouTube marathon: Daily vlogs, gadget reviews, tutorials, documentaries or even cute puppy/kitten videos YouTube got it!
  4. Play games: Forget technology. Go back in time where we used to play classic games like Jenga, Uno, Battleship, or Monopoly. Don’t forget food… and alcohol!
  5. Cook something new: Check out recipes that you’ve never tried before. You can dine al fresco as a creative date night plan with your partner.
  6. Make a time-capsule: This is another creative date night plan, you and your partner can make a time capsule--the couple edition. You can include items like movie tickets, memorable photographs, or love letters. Don’t forget to include the date when you seal the time capsule!
  7. Stargaze: Head outdoors! Pitch your tent or lay a blanket to observe the stars.
  8. Search for free concerts: Take advantage of anything that is free! Check online if there are any events in your town.  
  9. Organise a garage sale: Since you're saving money, why not make some money? On a Friday night you can arrange things you’ll sell, then hold your garage sale the next day! This is a great way to make money from your unused items, and de-clutter your things at the same time.
  10. Practice photography: Walk around your city or streets, and work on your photography skills.
  11. Do a home improvement project: Be creative with your family or friends or with your partner by doing a DIY home improvement project.
  12. Try a new exercise: Have you tried Bollywood dancing, HIIT training, or Tai Chi? Don’t be afraid to try a new exercise!

Have fun and save money on a Friday night with these creative ideas!


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