How To Choose The Right Colours For Your Home

How To Choose The Right Colours For Your Home

Redesigning your home is an exciting activity to do. But if you don’t have the eye for interior design, it can feel overwhelming and difficult, especially when deciding on the right colour scheme for your home.

To know how to choose a colour scheme for your home, here are a few tips to remember:

Consider your flooring

To get the right interior paint colour palette, you might want to consider your flooring first and foremost. Flooring will have a big say when picking the paint for you house, since your floors, walls, and furniture need to complement each other. For instance if your floors are dark, it might be a good idea to choose a light colour for your walls to brighten up the room.

Check your ceiling

What’s the colour of your ceiling? Apart from the floors, you ceiling can also influence your colour scheme. A popular colour choice for ceilings is white since it’s very easy to pair with anything. But if you have a darker coloured ceiling, it’s best to pair it with lighter shades so that the room will not feel too enclosed.

Start with one colour

The important step when choosing the right colour scheme is to start with one colour first. Now with your chosen colour, you can build your palette by choosing another shade with same hue. There are apps you can download to help you with the colour palette such as ColorSnap, Color911 or Color Capture. These apps can suggest paint options that will match your chosen colour.

Use the rule 60-30-10

This is the golden ratio of colour schemes. Basically, this rule is about dividing three colours into 60-30-10. This can help you properly balance the colour, while adding enough pop of interest in your house. 60 per cent should be the dominant colour which are the walls, 30 per cent is the secondary colour which are your upholstery and rugs, and lastly, 10 per cent are your accent colours which are your accessories such as lamps or vases.

Consider the size of your room

Size matters when choosing the colour for your walls. A small room will appear more spacious when painted in any shade of white. But if you prefer darker shades for your room, you can perhaps paint a dark shade on one wall and make it appear like it’s the focal point in the room. You can then paint the other walls with lighter or neutral shades.

Final Thoughts

Colours can really make a big difference, and it has the power to influence not only your mood, but the mood of potential buyers. That’s why it’s important to choose the colour that you love, and the colour that will add value to your home.


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