Stay Warm and Save On Energy Costs This Winter

Stay Warm and Save On Energy Costs This Winter

Winter is usually the season where our electricity bills are at their highest. During this period, more than 40 per cent of our energy consumption comes from heating our homes. This can break anyone's monthly budget, so we have pulled together some ways to save money on energy bills this winter.

Here are some energy saving tips:

1. Open your curtains

Take advantage of the sun when you see it. You should open up your curtains to get free heat from the sun during winter days. But make sure that you close your window coverings once it gets dark or when the sun goes down to keep the heat inside.

2. Use your ceiling fans

This sounds odd but ceiling fans can be used strategically to save on energy costs during the winter months. Just run your ceiling fans on a low setting and clockwise to trap heat inside and push the warm air back down. There is a switch on most fans that allows you to reverse their direction.

3. Don't heat unused rooms

Investing in energy-efficient heaters can help you save on your electricity bills. But closing rooms that are not in use will also help. This means you only heat the areas in the house you mostly use and not the entire house.

4. Layer your clothes

Stay a lot warmer and save on your heating bill by dressing in layers. Layer your tops, put on your winter sweater, wear tights or leggings under your pants, and wear warm socks to keep you warm during the chilly months. Be creative when layering your clothes.

5. Decorate your house for warmth

Rugs on your floors, throws and blankets on your sofa and flannel sheets for your bed are some of the accessories you can decorate your house with this winter.

6. Drink warm beverages

Drink lots of warm beverages such as hot chocolate milk, tea, or coffee to warm yourself from the inside.

7. Turn down your thermostat

Turn down your thermostat and keep it at 18-20C when you’re asleep. You can invest in flannel sheets and a water bottle to keep you warm when you sleep.

8. Keep the oven door open

After baking, you can keep the oven door open so the warm air circulates around the room.

9. Seal up any holes

Check your windows, walls, and doors to see if there are any openings. You can use silicone or latex caulk to seal up any holes, and use weather strips for doors and windows to keep the heat inside.

10. Invest in insulation

Insulation is the most important component to help you save on energy costs this winter. Make sure that you have the proper insulation in your roof to keep the heat in.

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