9 Sunday Jobs to Help you Save Time During the Week

Sunday Jobs to Help you Save Time During the Week

There are two types of person in the world, those who prefer lazy Sundays and those who prefer to do household chores to prepare for the coming week. While relaxing on Sunday is a pleasure, doing chores can save you time on busy workdays and help lessen stress.

Here are nine things you can to do on the weekend to help you prepare and organise your life for the week ahead:

  1. Do your laundry: Instead of doing your laundry on a weekday, why not do it on a Sunday when you have more free time?
  2. Change your bed sheets: With your laundry done, you can change your bed sheets. It’s a very relaxing time to smell your freshly laundered linen!
  3. Put your bathroom towels in the dirty laundry: The weekend is a good time to change your bathroom towels for clean ones.
  4. Pick your clothes for the week: Mornings can be very hectic. Preparing your clothes for the week can help you save time since you don’t need to decide which outfit to wear. You simply hop in the shower and get dressed!
  5. Prepare breakfast: Doing this can give you extra sleeping time before you head off to work. Simply check if you have enough food for a week worth of breakfasts such as milk and cereal. You can even prep your breakfasts by making hard boiling eggs!
  6. Prep meals: Prepping meals will not only save you time and money but it is also healthy! You can check out recipes for prepared meals online.
  7. Clean the house: Cleaning the house on a Sunday should not be a burden. You can simply sweep the floors, vacuum the carpets, organise your stuff, or dust shelves.  
  8. Accomplish something from your to-do list: Is it part of your to-do list to improve your furniture? Declutter your pantry? Renovate something around the house? Sundays are the best time to cross out something that’s been on your to-do list for a long time.

Sunday is a family day. Whatever kind of lifestyle you have, doing these household chores together can be a great bonding time with them. Plus, you can share a nice dinner after doing all the chores! 

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