Tips For Keeping Your House Clean All Year Long

Tips For Keeping Your House Clean All Year Long

Daily house cleaning can be a drag to many, but it’s doesn’t have to consume all of your time. We've made a simple list on how to keep your house clean daily, weekly, and monthly to help you develop happy cleaning habits all year long:


  • Make your bed: Start your day right by making your bed. If you have less time in the morning you can instead pull the comforter to the pillows. Your bedroom will look a lot tidier with a made-up bed.
  • Sweep floors: You’ll be pretty surprised at how a simple sweep of floors can make a huge difference in your home.
  • Take out the rubbish: Don’t let your rubbish sit in the bin for a long time. Make sure to take them out at least once a week.
  • Wipe down kitchen counter: It’s important that you wipe your kitchen counter daily, you don’t want spilled milk to stay in your counter for a long time. As much as possible clean as you go.
  • Organise your stuff: Organising means putting your things to where they belong! Dirty clothes in the laundry. Clean plates in the cupboard. Food in the pantry or in the fridge. This can easily reduce clutter in your home.


  • Do you laundry: Doing a full load of laundry once a week can help you save time and money on your utility bills, instead of doing a few clothes daily.
  • Clean your bathroom: Germs and bacteria can gather in your bathroom very quickly. You should be able to clean your toilets, showers and bathtubs every week.
  • Clean all rooms: Keep your house clean, by making sure that every room in the house is clean by de-cluttering all items in the room.
  • Vacuum the carpet: House cleaning isn’t complete without vacuuming your carpet. You should be able to do this once a week, if you want to avoid many hours of deep cleaning.
  • Tidy cupboards and dust shelves: The easiest thing you can do on a weekly basis is to clean your house by simply organising the items in your cupboard and wiping the dust on shelves.
  • Change your bed sheets: Bacteria and sweat can gather in your bed that’s why it’s important to change the sheets every week.


  • Scrub the tiles in bathroom and kitchen: Free your bathroom and kitchen tiles from germs and bacteria by deep scrubbing them once a month.
  • Organise your kitchen pantry: De-cluttering items in your pantry should be a monthly thing. This will help you get rid of expired products.
  • Clean inside the fridge: You can simply do this by organising the items in your fridge and wiping the inside.
  • Clean and disinfect garbage bins: Doing this can help lessen any unwanted smells in your garbage bins.
  • Dust lamp fittings and lamp shades: You don’t want spider webs to collect on your lamp fixtures. Dust them once a month to avoid making your place look like a haunted house.

Maintain a clean house all year long by integrating these habits into your life. A clean house is a rewarding thing to see every time you get home from a long day from work.

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