Top 6 Smart Home Systems That You Should Consider

Top 6 Smart Home Systems That You Should Consider

Smart home technology is increasingly becoming popular in many homes across Australia. Having a smart home system can be a great purchase that can help you live conveniently, manage energy costs, and can guarantee the security of your home. Moreover, smart home systems can help increase the value of your property, and at the same time can attract many prospective buyers if you’re planning on selling your house in the future.  

Like with any investment, there are some factors you should consider before you install a particular smart home device.

Here are the top six smart home systems that you should consider installing in your home.

1. Smart door locks

This smart technology for your home is one of the best features you can have. Many smart locks offer a mobile app which you can lock and unlock doors without the need of a key, but with just a simple icon which you can conveniently use when you have family, friends, or guests coming over when you’re not at home. Smart door locks can also be opened by your fingerprint, your voice, or when you’re approaching the door depending on the product. Smart door locks also have the capability to notify and keep track of the people who are entering your property.

2. Home smart lighting

Smart lighting systems uses automated controls that can turn on when you enter a certain room, and can also be turned off when no presence is detected. This smart home technology can effectively manage and monitor the energy usage of your lights through your smartphone. It’s also possible to dim the lights, turn them on and off, and even change the colours of your lights through a smartphone app.

3. Solar panels

While this can be one of the most expensive smart home technology on the list, investing in solar panels for your home will be worth it in the future. Your electricity bills will gradually decrease, and at the same time enjoy energy security with the power of the sun.

4. Surveillance cameras

One of the most popular security features of a smart home is a surveillance system. Today, there are many security cameras available to choose from. Having cameras around your home can ensure security for you and your family. Plus, surveillance systems can be checked from your smartphone so you can conveniently see who’s in your property.

5. Smart plugs

Smart plugs is the most basic home feature of a smart home. This smart home technology can transform any traditional outlets into a smart device. When you plug in any appliance or electronic into the smart plug you can automatically turn on and off, and even set timers through a corresponding app.

6. Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat

You can now control your temperature remotely through your smartphone, tablet, or PC with a Thermostat built-in Wi-Fi. You can also check the temperature in every room of your house with multiple sensors installed.   

Truly, gone are the days where smoke detectors were the only ‘smart’ gadget installed in your home. Many homeowners can now live comfortably and conveniently with these smart home technologies available in the market. 

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