Winter Decorating Ideas Using Stylish Throws

Winter Decorating Ideas Using Stylish Throws

Aesthetically pleasing and useful, throws are our favourite winter decorating accessory. They are lightweight and can be draped at the end of the bed, over the sofa, or over the side of a chair. While throws can dramatically change the look and the feel of your space, they will also help keep you warm this winter.

Here are some winter decorating ideas using stylish throws:   

Drape it over the arm of a chair

One of the most common home décor idea is to simply fold thin throws lengthwise and drape it over the arm of your couch or chair. If you have a longer throw you can fold it again in half.

Drape it casually

You can drape your throws casually without folding it. A throw with fringe edges is better with this home décor idea, as this will achieve a softer look.

Do some layering

Give your bed, sofa, or chair more attitude by playing with throws with different patterns. You can mix in your patterned-throw to your solid-coloured bedding to bring out a particular colour.

Incorporate patterned-throws to the style of your space

The patterns of your throws should reflect the interior style of your space. An aztec-patterned throw is perfect for your bohemian themed house. While a coastal-patterned can go well with hues of blue, or even to your child’s bedroom.

Don’t fold your faux throw

As a cosy winter decorating idea, it’s better when you don’t fold your faux throw, instead just drape it over the corner of your sofa and tuck it in a little bit. Faux throws are generally thick so they look better when messy.

Play with colours

Throws are great in creating a pop of interest in the eye by using a colour that can stand out from your room’s colour palette. However, too much of one colour can make a space feel overwhelming. Choose the right colour for your throws that can give your room some flair.

Add more warmth in your bed

To add more personality to your simple bedding, you can add a throw across your bed. Just make sure to fold it lengthwise to make it look elegant and clean.

Add throws that are larger than your bed

This winter decorating idea is great when you want to add a bit of Hollywood glamour to your bedroom. Simply drape over your faux throw, but make sure that they are wider than your bed.

Throws are definitely a great home décor idea especially in the winter. If you know how to incorporate them correctly, you can create a more personal and cosier space this coming winter. 

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