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Building a Good Relationship With Your Neighbours

Building a Good Relationship With Your Neighbours

Being good friends with your neighbour can be beneficial for the both of you. Your neighbour can be the lookout for your house when you’re away and you can be the lookout for their house when they're away.

They can be of great help in times of emergency such as when you need someone to babysit your kids, take care of your pets or plants, or simply when you need to borrow something like a gardening tool or a cup of sugar.

There are also social advantages, you can expect when you have someone to hang out with who’s just a few doors away. Essentially, forming a good relationship with your neighbour can make the community a safer and happier place to live in.

So how can you form a friendly relationship with your neighbour? Here are some helpful pointers:

Get to know your neighbour

Introducing yourself is the best start to get to know your neighbour if you’re new in the community. You can attend activities in the neighbourhood, check out yard sales, or simply say hello to start a conversation with them.

If you have a new neighbour that recently moved in, give them time to settle in before coming over to their house to welcome them to the neighbourhood. You can tell them when the garbage is collected and when the mail is delivered. Bringing in a welcome gift is also a good start to get to know them.

Keep your property clean and organised

You want to be respectful to establish a good relationship with your neighbour. Keep your noise down, your garden should be well-maintained, put out your garbage properly, and make sure to have your pets vaccinated and well-trained. 

If you share a space like a hallway in a unit, a yard, or an entrance, be considerate of the shared space. Avoid littering, pick up any trash you see, and don’t leave items behind that will inconvenience your neighbour.

Give your neighbour a heads up before holding a huge party

You don’t want to give your neighbour an upsetting surprise such as holding a huge party that will be loud and use up all the parking space in the neighbourhood. Before having a large gathering or starting major construction in your house, you can give your neighbour a heads up so they can be prepared for it and avoid problems.

Invite them over for dinner

Why not consider hosting a dinner party and invite your neighbour over? This can cultivate a good relationship with them over time. This can also be a good opportunity to get to know the new neighbours. You can even arrange activities for your kids and your kid’s neighbourhood as well.

Making friends with your neighbour is not really a hard activity. You just need to step out of your comfort zone to break the ice. Forming a good relationship with them can save you a lot of headaches in the future.

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