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10 Tricks to Make a Dark Room Brighter

10 Tricks to Make a Dark Room Brighter

A dark room can be transformed in an instant using a few simple tricks. For those who don’t want to spend a fortune on renovations and can’t think of any good home ideas here are some great tips to give any room a light, airy bright atmosphere.

1.Window Cleaning

This might seem like an overly simple home idea but it can have a major effect. Dirty windows restrict the amount of natural light that streams into a room. There is no need to have new windows installed, just clean them!

2. Choose Paintings Wisely

Large dark paintings are going to do nothing for the light in your room. If you are going to choose paintings make sure they are light in colour so that they reflect the light entering into your room.

3. Bookshelf Placement

Make sure that your bookshelves are not parallel to a window because this blocks light from entering into a room.

4. Get Rid of Heavy Curtains

Everybody wants privacy; however, there is no need to turn your home into a vampire’s lair with dark coloured window dressings. Dark curtains absorb light, what you need are translucent colours that allow light to pass through and brighten up your room.

5. Shiny Surfaces

While you don’t want to decorate your walls with shiny surfaces, you can use them to your advantage to bounce light around the room. For a room that doesn’t get much light a great home idea is to choose items of furniture such as a reflective coffee table, shimmery items such as translucent furniture and acrylic accents.

6. Neutral or White Colour Scheme

The lighter your walls are the more light they are going to reflect. If you’ve got neutral coloured walls, paint the ceiling a lighter shade will help the light to bounce around the room.

7. Extra Lights

This might sound like another really obvious answer to the problem of a dark room but it’s all about the placement of the lights. Indirect lighting positioned in an upwards direction can make up for a lack of lighting.

8. A Matte Finish

Glossy walls do not reflect light equally, instead they create glare. On the other hand, a matte surface reflects light in all directions.

9.Trim The Trees

If you have overgrown trees or bushes by your windows they are going to block the light from entering. To avoid this, trim your trees on a regular basis.

10. Mirrors

You can double the amount of sunlight that enters a room by having reflective surfaces for it to bounce off. Hang a large mirror on the opposite side of a window for extra light.


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