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How to Make Your Home Instagram Worthy

How to Make Your Home Instagram Worthy

There’s no denying that for many of us, social media now dominates our lives. One of the things we are proud to share on social media, and especially Instagram, is pictures of our home. However, not all homes are Instagram worthy. There is a certain home style that can truly make our home Instagrammable. Here’s how to earn many likes on an Instagram photo of your home.

Keep the house tidy

Instagrammers are detail-oriented, so you should imitate this trait. A stylish organiser will be able to help you keep your house tidy while making sure that you get the perfect Instagram shot of your home.  Make sure to remove unnecessary items in the room and store things where they belong including dirty clothes in the laundry, dirty dishes in the dishwasher etc. 

Go minimalist or go green

Minimalism is the trend when it comes to home styles on Instagram. You can see that a lot of popular posts are not overly decorated and photos do not seem too busy, so try to incorporate this kind of style into your home.

If minimalism is not your cup of tea, you can opt to decorate with plants. This is another popular trend on Instagram. It can make your photos look alive and summery. Try to include indoor plants such as Snake plant, Peace lily, Aloe Vera, or Asparagus fern.

Showcase your personal style

Nothing beats an Instagram post or feed that really shows your individuality. Do you like music, art, vintage toys, movie posters or books? Make sure to accent these pieces as decorations when taking a photo.

If you’re not much of a collector, make sure to know the kind of home interior design you’re going for and be consistent with it. Are you going for rustic, bohemian, contemporary, coastal, or industrial? Go with the interior design that will fit your personality.

Take the right photo

Of course, despite having an Instagrammable house, you also need to make sure that you know how to take a good photo. Essentially, good lighting and the right angle will result to a good Instagram picture. You can also use Instagram’s filters, or experiment with other filter apps, and don’t forget to use hashtags!

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