Home Improvement Projects That You Shouldn't DIY

Home Improvement Projects That You Shouldn't DIY

Improving your home with DIY projects can save you a lot of money and it is easier today than ever before thanks to the wealth of YouTube videos and websites that offers step-by-step instructions. However, there are still some jobs that require a professional because they require special skills, equipment, or permits. If you need to do these jobs, put away the tool kit and call a tradie instead:

  1. Electrical work: It is dangerous and illegal to do your own electrical work. If you make a mistake you could get electrocuted, electrocute someone else, or start a fire. So for electrical work it’s best to hire a licensed electrician. 
  2. Plumbing: Most people can fix a leaky tap or replace a shower head. But if the job involves major plumbing like putting in a bathtub, you should call a plumber. Plumbing problems may not be as dangerous as electrical work but things can get out of hand very quickly and cause huge damage.
  3. Roof repairs and replacement: This is one of the home improvement projects that causes the most injuries because the average person doesn't have the right equipment or skills to work at great heights. If you don’t know how to properly repair or replace your roofing, it’s better to have a professional do it. As a bonus you'll probably get the job done faster and better.
  4. Cutting down trees: This home improvement project may seem pretty easy but there are serious risks. Heavy branches may land on your property or nearby houses, and the trunk itself may fall in an unexpected direction, crushing a home, telephone wires or a person. Plus you need to handle the most dangerous of tools - the chainsaw - while perched in a tree you could fall out of. Don't risk it.
  5. Structural changes: Knocking down walls to add rooms seems straightforward, but behind those walls there might be plumbing or electrical wires. Before you knock down any walls, consult a specialist or a contractor who will determine if it’s safe.
  6. Asbestos removal: Asbestos was banned in 1989. If your home was built before that, there’s a high possibility that it contains asbestos. Asbestos is an extremely toxic material, and the law requires that an asbestos abatement team remove it. There are also special laws governing the transport and disposal of asbestos which you cannot comply with unless you have the right equipment and permits. Leave it to the experts.  
  7. Gas repairs: Like water, gas leaks and with far more serious consequences. The gas itself is poisonous and it can explode with nothing more than a spark. You should call your local gas company directly to fix the problem if you smell gas or suspect leakage. 

While calling a professional costs money, a failed home improvement project can cost even more. It could even cost your life. You are better off delaying the project until you have enough money to bring in an expert.

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